1 thought on “Using C to Blink an LED on the Raspberry PI

  1. Dear concerned:
    You have done tremendous job. Really helpful article.
    Sir, I am newbie on Raspberri Pi and embedded linux. I have some confusions . I need your help and support to over come on all those issues.
    My back is Micro controller programming in Windows 7. I have worked on various IDE’s like AVR studio, MPLAB XIDE, Keil etc

    I need to learn everything using C Language. I am not interested in Python at this time.

    I am using Raspberri Pi Model B+ board.

    Q 1: I want implement UART, SPI, I2C , Interrupt, Timer of Raspberri Pi using C Language.

    Q2: I want to interface LCD 16*2 with Raspberri Pi. Is I need to write drivers for this. If yes. how I can write drivers for that. What is method. Any helping material.

    Q3: As in micro controller we programme .Hex file, while in Raspberri Pi which IDE I should use. which output file that IDE generate. and how to program that output file in Raspberri.

    I am sorry for dumb questions. but please cooperate.. Looking ahead to hear from you. thanks

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