Updating of Arduino Web Server Tutorial Completed

The Arduino web server tutorial has been updated – updates have been made to the code so that the String class is no longer used in the sketches. The String class was using excessive SRAM and causing the software to hang or crash on some Arduino boards that have 2k of SRAM. The changes have resulted in more reliable software that should work on most Arduino boards.

All parts of the web server tutorial have been tested on an Arduino Ethernet board as well as an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield.

2 thoughts on “Updating of Arduino Web Server Tutorial Completed

  1. I have a web server that offers a dynamic web page with a download link, Download link is only working a couple of times. Came to your in depth tutorial on web servers; however, I either missed or did not see a topic regarding download links or an example of dynamic webpage with download link. Is this a topic you could cover?

    I use the dynamic webpage for current weather conditions and the download link for Data Collection of weather data recorded at 15 minute intervals.

    Can provide sketch of the web server with dynamic webpage with download link.


  2. Arduino Mega sketch I using 3000_Weather_Observations_Webserver.ino
    has display of data collected and a download link of the collected data at fifthteen minute intervals.

    Problem I am experiencing is as the file grows 100 to 200 Kilobytes; downloads are unreliable -most do not finish -occassionally one will completely downl.

    Smaller file sizes download completely.

    Link to CC3000_Weather_Observations_Webserver.ino:


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