5 thoughts on “Tutorial 5: 555 LED Flasher

    • It can only be either:
      1) Faulty component(s)
      2) Incorrect wiring
      3) Power supply (battery) problem
      4) Unlikely, but could be a problem with the breadboard

  1. Can I use this to light up 6 flashing LED’s? I have a Star Trek model and want to flash the red and green naviation lights. I imagine that I must connect the LEDs in parallel, so do I put a resistor to each LED,. I am using 3mm LEDs and a 9V battery supply.

    • Hi Isabel
      Yes, you can use it to flash 6 LEDs, and yes you will need a resistor for each LED. The 555 can deliver up to 200mA, so should work fine with 6 LEDs at around 10mA each. With a 1k resistor per LED and 9V, each LED will draw less than 10mA, probably around 7 to 8 mA, depending on the LED.

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