Tutorial 12: Arduino LCD

Learn how to connect an LCD display to an Arduino. In this tutorial, an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is connected to an Arduino Uno by using a breadboard. The tutorial contains everything that beginners need to know about connecting an LCD to an Arduino.

An LCD connected to an Arduino using a breadboard

LCD Connected to an Arduino


4 thoughts on “Tutorial 12: Arduino LCD

  1. I followed your instructions on the wiring and i loaded the hello world example ont my arduino, but my lcd doesn’t say anything. The back light is working but there is no text. Can I get help?

    • Hi cole
      First make sure that your LCD uses the same pin numbering as used in the tutorial.

      To check that your LCD is working, wire up the power (VDD to +5V and VSS to 0V) then wire the contrast pot as shown in the circuit diagram. Turning the pot shaft all the way in one direction should make the blocks of pixels on the display become visible. If this does not work, try turning the pot all the way in the other direction.

      Check your wiring carefully.

  2. In your tutorial comments for the other code examples, on the Custom Character example instead of commenting out the line so the heart does not show you can change the line:
    lcd.createChar(0, heart);
    lcd.createChar(5, heart);

    Then change:

    This makes the code work and the heart is displayed. Not sure why the “0” won’t work but by changing the zero to another number makes it all work.

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