Improved Arduino Live Cricket Score Ticker

The new Arduino live cricket score ticker code improves on the previous version of the ticker by saving the XML live cricket results to a file on an SD card. This allows the cricket score data to be randomly accessed for the desired data. A micro SD card inserted into the micro SD card socket on the Arduino Ethernet shield is used for saving the XML file.

Parsing XML using Arduino

XML parsing functions used in this project can be used with similar Arduino projects that need to parse XML files. The functions are used to search for specified tags in the XML file and if found can then be used to find child tags in the parent tags. The functions are used to drill down to the desired child tag in order to extract the required data from these tags.

With the XML file saved to SD card, it is possible for a sketch to reliably parse the file even if the order of the tag attributes is changed. The previous ticker code tried to parse the XML file on the fly as it gets sent to the Arduino and therefore relies on the tags and attributes being in a specific order.

Memory Limitations

An Arduino MEGA is needed for the new ticker because the Arduino Uno does not have enough memory to run the sketch. The blog post that compares the amount of memory used by various sketches shows some example sketches and how much of the Arduino Uno memory they use. From this comparison, it can be seen that the Arduino Uno memory can get used up fairly quickly as sketches start to use more libraries and get slightly more complex than some of the example sketches.

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