Software Voltmeter With History

This four channel Arduino software voltmeter with history was made by using an Arduino Uno and an application written in the Processing language that runs on a computer.

The Arduino reads analog values on four analog input pins connected through voltage dividers and then calculates the voltage. The Processing application displays the voltage reading and the voltage history is displayed on a graph for each channel.

This image shows the software voltmeter application:

Voltmeter Application Software

Voltmeter Application Software

Click the above link for the circuit diagram, Processing source code and Arduino source code for this project.

Arduino Voltmeter with LCD and 4 Channels

This Arduino voltmeter measures four independent voltages and displays the results on a liquid crystal display (LCD). Each channel can measure up to about 50V DC which is achieved by adding a voltage divider to each channel. Click the above link for more details, a circuit diagram and Arduino sketch code.