Two Temperature Gauge Arduino Web Server

This two temperature sensor Arduino Ethernet web server uses an Arduino, Ethernet shield and two MCP9700 temperature sensors to measure two temperatures.

The temperatures are displayed on two gauges on the web page hosted by the Arduino web server. The two sensors can be used to measure an inside temperature (e.g. inside a building or room) and an outside temperature (e.g. outside air temperature).

Arduino Project – Temperature Shield made from Stripboard

In this tiny stripboard temperature shield Arduino project, the temperature from a MCP9700 temperature sensor is read by the Arduino and sent to a PC over a USB cable. The PC runs a program written in the Processing language that displays the current temperature and the temperature history on a graph.

Three LEDs on the shield can be programmed to switch on when the current temperature falls within certain temperature ranges.

The status of the LEDs is also shown in the Processing application window. Find the circuit diagram and parts list for the shield as well as all the software needed to build the project at the Starting Electronics website.