Arduino: Building the Tiny Stripboard Shield

This Tiny Stripboard Shield project can be used for making a number of different Arduino shields. The stripboard shield uses standard height pin headers, so no specialised headers need to be ordered to build this project.

Because one of the Arduino Uno headers is offset and won’t line up with the stripboard holes, only three of the Arduino headers are connected. There are still enough pins from the Arduino to be able to build some small projects (hence the name Tiny Stripboard Shield).

The reason that one of the Arduino headers is offset is so that it is impossible to connect a shield the wrong way around.


Making a Stripboard Circuit

A permanent circuit can be built on stripboard. A dedicated printed circuit board will not be needed when using stripboard. Components are soldered onto the stripboard and connected together by the tracks under the stripboard and wires on top. Tracks can be broken where needed using a drill bit.

A stripboard Circuit

A 555 LED Flasher Circuit Built on Stripboard