Raspberry PI Laptop Computer

The Raspberry PI laptop computer reported in Elektor News was created using a 3D printer for the case, model B+ Raspberry PI, laptop keyboard, track-pad, WiFi, battery and 13.3″ HD screen. The battery lasts 6 to 8 hours.

The name for this laptop is “PI-TOP”, you can read more about it on the Pi-Top website and also follow the project on Facebook for updates.

Raspberry PI: Booting more than One Operating System

More than one operating system can be loaded to the same Raspberry PI SD card using the NOOBS installation files. This allows easy experimentation and evaluation with different operating systems.

In the article on booting multiple operating systems, Raspbian, RISC OS Pi and Arch Linux are loaded onto a single 16Mb SD card to show how easy it is to boot multiple operating systems on the RPI.

New Raspberry PI Model B+

The Raspberry PI Model B Plus is now available. The first thing to note about the B+ model is that you will need to load your operating system of choice to a micro SD card, so don’t forget to order one if you don’t already have one.

Top view of the Raspberry PI B +

Raspberry PI B Plus

Some of the other major changes are:

  • There are now 4 USB host ports on the board
  • The I/O pin header now has 40 pins instead of 26 pins
  • The new micro SD card socket now latches the card: push the card in to lock it in the socket, push the card again to unlock it
  • The composite RCA socket has been removed

This video shows the new B+ model being unpacked: