Raspberry PI Qt Information Kiosk

Qt information kiosk using a Raspberry PI and official touch display. This application demonstrates how to write a full screen Qt Creator C++ application for the Raspberry PI. A simple shopping mall touchscreen information kiosk is built in Qt Creator for this example project.

The image below shows the Raspberry PI Qt information kiosk application running on a touch display.

Qt Information Kiosk

Qt Information Kiosk

When one of the information buttons is touched, the corresponding information screen is displayed with a back button for returning to the main screen. An example of one of the information screens is shown below.

Raspberry PI Kiosk Screen

Raspberry PI Kiosk Screen

Although the 7 inch touch display is rather small for a shopping mall kiosk, the application is a starting point for similar projects. It also serves as a nice demonstration that is not too bulky to carry around.

Raspberry PI Qt Application Development

The application was developed on a Raspberry PI 3 using a normal computer LCD screen. Using a big screen makes layout of the application windows in Qt Creator easier. The application was then tested on a Raspberry PI 2 connected to an official Raspberry PI touch display.

All the necessary software development tools are available for installation on Raspbian Linux. A C++ compiler, Qt Creator and Qt libraries must be installed in order to start Qt development.

Creating the Raspberry PI Qt Information Kiosk Application

All the steps needed to create this project are explained on the Raspberry PI Qt Information Kiosk project page on the Starting Electronics website. Here you will be able to download all the source code for the project and see how to create the project from scratch.

Although this project is just a demo of how to write a full screen touch application for the Raspberry PI, it can be used as a starting point for many other applications. Use the source code and project instructions to build your own Qt C++ applications – enjoy!