Learn to Program the Arduino

Learn to write your own sketches for the Arduino in this multi-part course. No previous programming experience is needed.

The Arduino programming course consists of the following parts:

Each new part of the course will be added to his blog post as it becomes available.

You may find the Arduino Language Reference on the Arduino website helpful during the course.



Software Voltmeter With History

This four channel Arduino software voltmeter with history was made by using an Arduino Uno and an application written in the Processing language that runs on a computer.

The Arduino reads analog values on four analog input pins connected through voltage dividers and then calculates the voltage. The Processing application displays the voltage reading and the voltage history is displayed on a graph for each channel.

This image shows the software voltmeter application:

Voltmeter Application Software

Voltmeter Application Software

Click the above link for the circuit diagram, Processing source code and Arduino source code for this project.

Using the ST-LINK/V2 in SWD Mode to Program STM32F100 Microcontrollers

In this tutorial, a STM32 Value Line Discovery board is programmed using a ST-LINK/V2 in SWD (Serial Wire Debug) mode. Only four wires need to be connected between the ST-LINK/V2 programmer/debugger and a STM32F100 microcontroller in order to load a program to it when using SWD.