Tutorial 10: Ten Arduino Projects for Absolute Beginners

In this series of Arduino tutorials, ten circuits that use the built in example programs from the Arduino IDE are built on breadboard. These tutorials are great for beginners wanting to know what some of the capabilities of Arduino are.

This series consists of:
Introduction & Components
Project 1: Read an Analog Value (AnalogReadSerial)
Project 2: Read a Digital Value (DigitalReadSerial)
Project 3: Fade an LED’s Brightness (Fade / Fading)
Project 4: Switch a LED on when Switch is Closed (Button)
Project 5: Play Different Tones as Light Intensity Changes (tonePitchFollower)
Project 6: Use a Potentiometer to Dim a LED (AnalogInOutSerial)
Project 7: Control the Flashing Rate of an LED using a Potentiometer (AnalogInput)
Project 8: Calibrate a Sensor Automatically (Calibration)
Project 9: Detect a Knock on a Sensor (Knock)
Project 10: Make an LED Bar Graph Display (barGraph)