Choosing an Arduino for Beginners

In this blog post we look at how beginners wanting to start with Arduino can choose an Arduino board. Help is provided for beginners choosing an Arduino. The difference between an Arduino and AVR ATmega microcontroller is also covered.

Choosing an Arduino for Beginners

The recommended Arduino for beginners is usually the Arduino Uno. On the Starting Electronics website, the article on choosing an Arduino for beginners provides more information on which Arduino to choose when starting to learn about Arduino and writing sketches.

Difference Between Arduino and AVR

Many Arduino beginners are confused about the difference between Arduino and AVR, or Arduino and ATmega. Difference between Arduino and ATmega328 explains what the ATmega328 microcontroller is and how it relates to the Arduino Uno. The article also explains more about the AVR microcontroller found on most Arduino boards.

Burning the Arduino Uno Bootblock with Atmel Studio and the AVRISP mkII

If you have loaded Atmel Studio to your computer and you try to burn a bootloader to an Arduino board using the AVRISP mkII, you will get an error message like this:

Error while burning bootloader.
avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device “usb”

The solution to burning the bootloader in this case is to use Atmel Studio to burn the bootloader. The hexadecimal bootloader file can be found in the Arduino IDE folder. This can then be burned to the ATMEGA328P on the Arduino Uno board. Finally, the correct fuses must be set on the microcontroller which is also done in Atmel Studio.

Read the tutorial and watch the video on how to burn the bootloader to an Arduino Uno using Atmel Studio 6 and the AVRISP mkII USB AVR programmer.