Two Temperature Gauge Arduino Web Server

This two temperature sensor Arduino Ethernet web server uses an Arduino, Ethernet shield and two MCP9700 temperature sensors to measure two temperatures.

The temperatures are displayed on two gauges on the web page hosted by the Arduino web server. The two sensors can be used to measure an inside temperature (e.g. inside a building or room) and an outside temperature (e.g. outside air temperature).

Arduino Ethernet Board Webserver

I have just tested the entire Arduino web server tutorial using the Arduino Ethernet board and have found that the tutorial works fine on the Arduino Ethernet board. The tutorial was originally written using an Arduino Uno and Arduino Ethernet shield.

Arduino Ethernet Board and USB Serial Light Adapter

Arduino Ethernet Board and USB Serial Light Adapter

When using the Arduino Ethernet board, a USB serial adapter is needed in order to program it and can also be used to power it during development work.

The Arduino Ethernet and USB serial light adapter can be found on the Arduino website: