How to Program a CPLD using the JTAGkey from Amontec

If you don’t have a parallel port on your computer and can’t use the home built Xilinx JTAG programmer, then one alternative is to use the JTAGkey USB tool from Amontec.

The JTAGkey does not work directly with the Xilinx ISE software as the parallel programmer or Xilinx USB programmer does. Instead, the Xilinx iMPACT software that is normally used to program a CPLD or FPGA is used to produce a SVF file. Software from Amontec uses the SVF file to configure the CPLD.

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Installing JTAGkey Drivers in Windows

This article on how to install Windows 7 drivers for the Amontec JTAG key shows how to install drivers for the Amontec JTAGkey USB JTAG tool on a Windows 7 computer.

Once the drivers have been installed, the JTAGkey can be accessed by application software such as FPGA / CPLD programming software or ARM microcontroller programming and debugging software.

What is the Amontec JTAGkey?

The Amontec JTAGkey is a USB JTAG device for programming and debugging ARM microcontrollers. It can also be used to program FPGAs and CPLDs as well as do JTAG boundary-scan. The JTAGkey is made by the Amontec company in Switzerland.

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