555 and Loudspeaker Audio Tone Circuit

This circuit uses a 555 timer IC and produces a fixed frequency audible tone that is played through a loudspeaker. No amplifier is necessary as the 555 puts out a signal of high enough amplitude. The circuit is easy to build for beginners in electronics and can be built on an electronic breadboard. Click the above link to find the circuit diagram.

Making a Stripboard Circuit

A permanent circuit can be built on stripboard. A dedicated printed circuit board will not be needed when using stripboard. Components are soldered onto the stripboard and connected together by the tracks under the stripboard and wires on top. Tracks can be broken where needed using a drill bit.

A stripboard Circuit

A 555 LED Flasher Circuit Built on Stripboard










Tutorial 13: Wailing Siren

In this tutorial you will build a wailing siren that plays a tone that increases and decreases in pitch. The circuit is built from two 555 timer ICs and some additional electronic components. The wailing tone is played on a loudspeaker.

Wailing siren circuit built on breadboard

A Wailing Siren Circuit that uses Two 555 Timer ICs