STM32F100xx LQFP64 Pin Functions

When learning a new microcontroller, a good understanding of pin functions is essential. Here we look at several views of STM32F100xx microcontroller pins and functions (LQFP64).

Applies to the STM32F100RB used on the STM32 value line discovery board.

1 thought on “STM32F100xx LQFP64 Pin Functions

  1. Thanx. The final drawing (with ALT pin functions) is very helpful.
    ( I recently started to dig in the stm32s. Ordered STM32F4Discovery and looking at ALT pin functions, found that on the MCU they decided to multiplex SPI with I2S with HS USB ULPI, so If I add HS USB, I can’t use spi/i2s.., if I need I2S, I can’t have SPI and USB HS. Still wonder why. )

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