Raspberry PI Touchscreen Kiosk

A Raspberry PI touchscreen kiosk project GUI application using GTK+ 3 and Glade. A full-screen information kiosk application written in C for the Raspberry PI.

Raspberry PI Touchscreen Kiosk

Raspberry PI Touchscreen Kiosk

Raspberry PI Touchscreen Kiosk Details

This Raspberry PI touchscreen kiosk project is a demo application that shows a simple mall with four shops. An official Raspberry PI touchscreen is used as an information kiosk. When any button on the screen is touched, information for the corresponding page is displayed.

An example of one of the information screens for a shop is shown in the image below.

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Info Screen

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Info Screen

GTK+ 3 and Glade 3 Raspberry Pi Project

GTK is a toolkit that is used to create windows and widgets such as buttons, images and text boxes. Glade is a user interface design application that allows windows to be designed and laid out graphically. It is used to design the GUI of the application.

The Application is written in the C programming language. GTK functions are called in the C code to draw the windows and widgets designed in Glade and to attach callback functions to window events such as button presses.

Application Details and Code

The project is built from a set of GTK template files that make it easy to start a new GTK / Glade GUI application. Full code and project details can be found in the Raspberry PI Information Kiosk project on the Starting Electronics website.

The code and example project can help you to start your own Raspberry PI GUI application development if you are building an information kiosk or similar application.

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