8 thoughts on “LED “OPEN” Sign Project

  1. If I use the schematic to layout the controller parts instead of printing out and making a pcb board will that work?

        • Yes, you should be able to use any kind of strip board. I can’t see that the board that you gave the part number for has any tracks. It looks like it has points only for wire-wrapping.

  2. Hello,
    thanks a lot for sharing your design !!!. I have always wanted to build LED signs, but I didn’t know how to start. I studied a couple of courses in electronic design and have built some small proyects, but I have never designed and build real practical projects. Now that I see your design I think have a starting point for my proyects. I hope to share them too once I finish them.
    Best regards. Julio

  3. HI, I really like your project, I have been looking for something like this to make a banner for my daughter so when she goes to cheerleading competition. I looked everywhere and email several people and nobody could tell me how to start and what I needed. This project does exactly what I need, my question is: Where can I get that same board you use, is it available for sale through you or somewhere else?

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