Home Built Pick and Place Machine

Readers of the Starting Electronics blog may be interested in this DIY pick and place machine built by Brian Dorey (briandorey.com) who is using it to place parts for a Raspberry PI expansion board that he is manufacturing.

Brian has published photos of the components and software used to build the machine as well as some videos made during the build process (click the above link to view).


News at Starting Electronics for August 2013

My work has prevented me from adding any new content this month. I am very busy developing embedded hardware and software.

Many thanks to those who made donations on the website donation page.

Thanks also to everyone who subscribed on the Starting Electronics YouTube Channel and for the likes at the Starting Electronics Facebook page.

Sorry if I have missed your comments or questions – I just don’t have the time to answer at the moment.

New content will be added as soon as I get a chance to do so.

Updating of Arduino Web Server Tutorial Completed

The Arduino web server tutorial has been updated – updates have been made to the code so that the String class is no longer used in the sketches. The String class was using excessive SRAM and causing the software to hang or crash on some Arduino boards that have 2k of SRAM. The changes have resulted in more reliable software that should work on most Arduino boards.

All parts of the web server tutorial have been tested on an Arduino Ethernet board as well as an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield.