Can’t Find Arduino Due in Board List of IDE

Can’t find Arduino Due on the menu and therefore can’t load a sketch to the board? The Arduino Due does not appear in the board list of the Arduino IDE under the tools menu. Boards are normally listed under Tools → Board in the Arduino IDE, but if you can’t find the Arduino Due on the Board menu, additional software must be installed from within the IDE.

The Arduino Due used to have a separate IDE, but was later merged with the main Arduino IDE software. It is now a requirement to install the extra software in order to be able to program the Due.

Can’t Find Arduino Due on the Menu in the Arduino Software

In the image below, the Arduino Due is missing from the menu. The steps below show how to solve the problem and get the Arduino Due board listed on the menu.

Can't find Arduino Due on the menu - Arduino Due missing

Arduino Due Does not Appear in Board List of Menu

Installing Software for the Arduino Due

The following screen captures show how to install the software for the Arduino Due.

1. Boards Manager

Select the Boards Manager menu item from the Arduino IDE menu.
Tools → Board → Boards Manager …

Arduino IDE Boards Manager

Arduino IDE Boards Manager

2. Select Arduino SAM Boards

Click the Arduino SAM Boards item in the Boards Manager dialog box and then click the Install button.

Select Arduino SAM Boards

Select Arduino SAM Boards

It will take some time to install the software, depending on how fast the Internet connection is. After installation, click the Close button in the dialog box.

Programming the Arduino Due

After installation, the Arduino Due board will appear on the Board menu. Select Arduino Due (Programming Port) to allow Arduino sketches to be loaded to the board from the Arduino IDE. The USB cable must be plugged into the USB port labelled PROGRAMMING on the bottom of the board.

Arduino Due Programming Port

Arduino Due Programming Port


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  1. Thanks a lot. I have the same problem. But on my raspberry pi also have no point called “board manager”, so i’m not able to download anything.. Do you have any idea why I don’t see this.. Thanks a lot in advanced.. cheers

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