Basic Multi-file Arduino Web Server

This basic Arduino web server hosts HTML web pages and various other files such as CSS, JavaScript, text and image files.

Web pages and other resource files are stored on the SD card inserted into the SD card socket on  Arduino Ethernet shield or Arduino Ethernet board.

The code for the web server can be copied from the project’s page which contains a form that allows parameters such as the MAC, IP and port numbers to be changed. After changes have been made to the settings, a button is clicked to update the Arduino web server sketch. The sketch can then be copied and pasted into the Arduino IDE for loading to the Arduino board with Ethernet shield. Some sample HTML files, JavaScript, CSS, text and image files are also available for download and demonstrate the web server capabilities.

This web server is a supplement to the Arduino Ethernet shield web server tutorial and provides a starting place to design your own web server.

Get the Arduino web server code →

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