Arduino Voltmeter with LCD and 4 Channels

This Arduino voltmeter measures four independent voltages and displays the results on a liquid crystal display (LCD). Each channel can measure up to about 50V DC which is achieved by adding a voltage divider to each channel. Click the above link for more details, a circuit diagram and Arduino sketch code.

2 thoughts on “Arduino Voltmeter with LCD and 4 Channels

  1. This seems like it’s very close to something that I could really use. I just need to be able to measure negative voltages at slightly higher levels. -60 v full scale would be best, and the ability to generate a log file and customize the polling frquency would be perfect.

    I’m not Ardunio ‘literate’, so I’d like to see if there is anyone out there that can tell me if it is possible to pull this off. My assembly skills are pretty good, but I completely missed out on the programming thing, so far, and I’d like to rectify that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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