Amontec SVF Player and JTAGkey Driver

The Amontec website is down, so here are the files that are needed for the Amontec JTAGkey:

Amontec JTAGkey Driver (885.8kB):

Amontec JTAGkey SVF Player (152.0kB):

4 thoughts on “Amontec SVF Player and JTAGkey Driver

  1. Thanks a lot.
    Downloading from the main website has the same effect.
    Probably it’s due to incorrect scanning by McAfee.
    Only downloading from the PC at home, with a different antivirus, I got the files.

  2. hey does anyone know the difference between using the -svfLine option versus the -svfFile option? I have an SVF file which I successfully used to program my FPGA with the -svfFile option but failed when I used the -svfLine option to program line by line…

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