Basic Test for the GT-511C3 Fingerprint Scanner Module

The article on testing the GT-511C3 fingerprint module uses an Arduino Uno to test that basic communications are working on the module. This can be used to test that the module is correctly wired and also that it is working.

Sending a character from the Serial Monitor window of the Arduino IDE starts the test by sending a “open” command packet to the fingerprint module. If the fingerprint module is working, it should send back an acknowledge packet and an information packet that are both displayed as hexadecimal bytes in the Serial Monitor window.

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How to Wire the GT-511C3 Fingerprint Scanner

The article on the GT-511C3 fingerprint scanner hardware, wiring and connector numbering shows how to connect the fingerprint scanner module to 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers using the Arduino Uno and Arduino Due as examples.

The article includes the pin numbers and functions as well as voltage levels and default baud rate. Information is provided that shows how to make up a cable with connector that will plug into the GT-511C3 FPS (fingerprint scanner).

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New Raspberry PI Model A+

The new Raspberry PI Model A+ board has been launched this month. It is a smaller version of the Model A and shares some of the features of the model B+. The board size is 56mm wide by 66mm long and 14mm high.

This video from RasPi.TV has more details on the new board:

The RasPi.TV blog has more details and photos of the new Raspberry PI board.